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The present page introduces people who are official authorities of Association.

If you have any questions or problems, and you do not know who you should ask for, the following page will be useful - a job description page (Polish).

Bylaws authorities


The Board of the fourth term, standing from the left: Magalia, Maikking, Masti, Karol007, Aegis Maelstrom; squatting from the left: Leinad, Polimerek
The Board of the third term, II edition, standing from the left: Leinad, Patrol110, Maikking, Drozdp, sitting from the left: Polimerek, Masti, Nova.
The Board of the third term, I edition, from the left: Polimerek, Masti, Nova, Drozdp; there isn't Szwedzki on this photo
The Board of the second term. From the left: Przykuta, Drozdp, Polimerek, Szwedzki, Nova
The Board of the first term, 11 February 2006 in Warsaw. From the left: Polimerek (treasurer), Drozdp (Member of the Revision Comittee), Wulfstan (vice-president), Datrio (secretary), TOR (president). There aren't WarX and Jadwiga on this photo.

Kontakt: zarzad@wikimedia.pl

Revision Committee

Internal Court

Non-Bylaws positions and offices

Single positions

Collective positions