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3 May 2010
Uczestnicy w Pałacu Izraela Poznańskiego

From 1st till 3rd of May 2010 took place photographic wiki workshops “FotoWiki 2010”. In workshops participate 19 photographers who took over 300 pictures of historical monuments in Lodz. Pictures participate in a contest with prizes (books about photography).

22 April 2010
Logo biuletynu

16th (4th in 2010) number of the Bulletin has just appeared. In this issue: information about the activity of the Association, the Wikimedia Foundation and a community of polish projects and a new division "Projects of obtaining content" and another episode of a comic strip. Enjoy your reading: Biuletyn/4-2010 (16).

2 April 2010
Tabliczka informacyjna Wikuni

Since half of march 2010 Assocation take care of a little pack of vicuñas in zoo in Lodz. This animal appears on the Peruvian coat of arms. Near their paddock is placed a board informing about this fact. See more pictures of vicuñas in Wikimedia Commons.

28 March 2010
Logo Konferencji

Wikimedia Polska Conference 2010 took place on March 27th and 28th in Zachęta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw. During the Conference, apart from numerous lectures, discussion panels and workshops, took place General Assembly of SWPL and were given Pro Wikimedia prizes.

16 February 2010
Logo biuletynu

14th (2nd in 2010) number of the Bulletin has just appeared. In this issue: information about the activity of the Wikimedia Foundation's Board of Trustees and the enlivening of Wikipedia's sister projects, especially Wikibooks and Wikisource. See: Biuletyn/2-2010 (14).

23 January 2010
Logo Konferencji

We would like to invite you to Wikimedia Poland Conference 2010, which will take place on March 27-28, 2010 in Warsaw. Like in previous years, its aim is meeting and exchanging experiences of users participating in creating Wikimedia projects and people related to free software issues, access to knowledge in forming information society and creators acting on free culture grounds.

19 December 2009

The Association has started a new tool server, which replaced the old one, functioning since 2006. The new server has 8 GB RAM, 2 hard drives 1 TB and processor i7 920 4 x 2 x 2.66 Ghz. On this server, in accordance with its regulations, you may get an account if you intend to pursue activities connected with any edition of Wikimedia's projects or within the framework of Wikimedia Poland Association.

17 March 2009
Logo biuletynu

5th number of Bulletin (third in 2009) containing news from Wikimedia Polska, Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia projects has been issued. See: Biuletyn/3-2009 (5) (in Polish only).

16 March 2009

Photo contest Wikipstryk 2009 has started. It is aimed on secondary school students from Wrocław. The subject of the pictures is selected from the area of Wrocław. The pictures should be transferred to Wikimedia Commons before 31 May 2009. Best pictures will be awarded.

7 March 2009
Wikiwarsztat we Wrocławiu

Wikiwarsztaty Wrocław — Wikimedia workshop for students from Wrocław area took place on March 7 2009. There were several participants.

20 February 2009
Nauczyciele w sali komputerowej

Wikiwarsztaty Łódź - Wikimedia workshop for teachers from Lodz area took place on February 20 2009. Around 20 teachers participated.

9 February 2009
WikiProject Scouting fleur-de-lis transparent.png

Polish Scouting Association together with Wikimedia Polska organized a contest for the new, best Wikipedia article about Scouting written by scouting teams from all over the country.

23 October 2008
Wikiakademia w Chorzowie, Olga Sutkowska referuje projekt Wolne lektury

Wikimedia Polska organized one day Wikiakademia in Chorzów. The meeting was focused on teachers from secondary schools. Thanks to vice-president of Chorzów, dr Joachim Otte the meeting could take place in City Council conference room.

18/19 October 2008
Logo konferencji Moskwa'2008

Polish Wikipedian Ency participated in second conference of Russian Wikipedia. He had two oral communations - about Polish Wikipedia and Wikimedia Polska.

14 October 2008
Logo OAD

14 October 2008 Polish Librarian Association, Fundacja Nowoczesna Polska, Creative Commons Poland and Wikimedia Polska jointly organized Open Access Day.

27 September 2008
Logo GDJ

27 September 2008 General Assembly took place in Poznań. Before and after the Assembly there was workshop of Polish Wikipedians - GDJ called Where are we? Where do we aim? How?

20 September 2008

Wikimedia Polska organized its own stand during Non-profit organizations picnic in Warsaw.

21 August 2008

We thank all those who donated Wikimedia Polska in 2008. We collected over 140 000 PLN of donations. It is about to be spend for current and planed projects

3 January 2008
Wikimedia Community Logo-WOŚP.svg

10 DVDs with Polish Wikipedia, signed by wikipedians were sold through auctions. All profit (2481 PLN) from the auctions has been given to Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

18 December 2007
Polska Wikipedia na DVD z Helionem (krążek bez tła).png

In cooperation with Helion Publishing House we organise an action of sending free copies of DVD with Polish Wikipedia to schools and libraries in Poland, as well as Polish minorites abroad.

16 December 2007
PL ZZ 2007 (014).JPG

The General Assembly took place on 15 December 2007. New Executive Board, Revision Commission and Arbitration Committee have been choosen. Some minor changes in the bylaws were voted.

September 2007
6-te urodziny Wikipedii w Krakowie aa.JPG

Due to 6th birthday of Polish Wikipedia (September 26, 2007) Wikimedia Polska organised or supported spontaneusly organized meetings of Wikipedians in several cities in Poland: Częstochowa, Chorzów, Kraków, Olsztyn, Poznań, Skarżysko-Kamienna, Warszawa and Wrocław.

August 2007
Polska Wikipedia na DVD z Helionem (krążek bez tła).png

The work on the legal edition of the Polish Wikipedia on DVD is now finished. The DVD has been released and is available in shops in Poland. Alternatively, it can be purchased online on the publisher's (Helion) site. A part of the profits goes to Wikimedia Polska Association to support the goals of the organisation as defined in its statute.

5 May 2007
WikiCon 2007-propozycja logo-Wulfstan 2.svg

Wikimedia Polska Conference 2007 took place from May 1 till May 3 2007 in the Complex of Forrest Schools in Białowieża. The goal of this conference was to create a platform for the interchange of experience between participants of Wikimedia projects, participants of other similar communities and third parties. There was 101 participants. 12 lectures and 3 workshops were provided.

16 April 2007

Wikimedia Polska Association acquired the status of Public Benefit Organisation, which means that individual taxpayers in Poland may reduce their income tax for the amount equal to 1% of the tax, by donating this amount to the Association (more).

1 February 2007

Our Association joined Berlin Declaration and supported Petition for guaranteed public access to publicly-funded research results.

16 December 2006
Wikimedia pl 12 16 2006.jpg

Polish Wikimedia Meeting 2006 no. 2 took place on 16 December in Sztygarka wellness club in Chorzów. Several lectures and workshops were provided. The 2nd General Assembly of 2006 took place during the meeting. Two new members of Wikimedia Polska Board were chosen.

25-26 November 2006
ZSL w Białowieży - Szkoła.jpg

First Polish WikiAkademy took place in Forrest school in Białowieża. After the lecture about Wikipedia and MediaWiki, there was a workshop on writing good Wikipedia articles. 25 teachers and students of the Forrest school participated in the WikiAkademy.

15 September 2006
Piąte urodziny pl wiki rodzina wikipedystów.jpg

Wikimedia Polska Assocation and Creative Commons Polska organized a party celebrating 5th birthday of Polish eddition of Wikipedia. The party took place on September 23, 2006 in VII asembly hall in "Szkoła Główna Handlowa", Warsaw, Poland. There were around 70 participants in the party. The main lecturer was Jimbo Wales

28 July 2006

Wikimedia Polska in cooperation with Helion SA is going to publish Polish Wikipedia on DVD. The final product will contain all selected and checked articles with most important pictures embedded. The DVD content should be ready on autumn 2006. The DVD content should be ready on autumn 2006.

25 May 2006

II edition of Wikicontest has just started. During I edition four submited projects were accepted for financial support on total sum of 161,82 zł. The Board decied to spend 500 zł + the unused funds from I edition for I edition.

1 May 2006

Polish Wikimedia Meeting 2006 took place on 29 April - 1 May in Wrocław. There was 42 participants including 5 from abroad. 10 lectures were delivered and many discussions took place among participants. During the meeting General Member Assembly 2006 I was organized. 17 Association's members and several guests accepted Realization of Board plans for 2006 and Interim Budget. There was discussion about Wikicontest and several other issues.

5 February 2006

The Wikimedia Polska Board has decided to allot 500 PLN on Wikikonkurs (Wikicontest). The goal of the content is to select the best proposals of developing any of Polish and Kashubian Wikimedia projects, and to support it by covering part of their cost, such as railway and museum tickets, photographic materials, photocopying etc.

10 January 2006

Wikimedia Polska's Board's Statement regarding the release of a DVD added to the magazine "ENTER SPECIAL 08/2005 Wiedza z Sieci(Knowledge from the Web).

25 February 2006

Polish Wikimedia Meeting 2006 will take place on 29 April - 1 May in Wrocław. Although the meeting is organised mainly for Polish-spoken Wikimedians, all participants are welcome. Please, send us e-mail ( if you want to join us.

30 December 2005

Thanks to Your generosity the year 2005 is finished with income of 1705,29 zł. (around 444 EUR) which is the result of Your 64 payments of free donations and membership fees. Thank you very muInsert non-formatted text herech. Till now, part of this money has been spent to register 6 domains of Polish and Kashubian Wikimedia projects and to contiunue subscription of domain.

10 December 2005
Zlot Wiki w Chorzowie 10 grudnia 2005.jpg

General Member Assembly 2005 has take place on December 10, 2005 in Chorzów. There was 13 participants with right to vote. The Assembly has accepted Board's report for 2005 and decided to keep all Associciaton's authorities in current personal composition. The Assembly has also accepted after discussion Board plans for 2006.

17 November 2005

The Board, on its IRC meeting, has decided to organise General Member Assembly, on December 10th, 2005, in Chorzów.

16 November 2005

We are formally registered !!! Our registration number is: KRS 244732. Now, we have to obtain a copy of registration decission for Court, a stastical number (REGON), order stamps and open a bank account.

16 Semptember 2005

After colecting all necessary documents, we have applied for registration of our Society. The application has been accepted by Registration Court without any problems. The Registration Court has 3 months to take decission, however it usually takes final decission within 1.5-2 months. See Rejestracja (in Polish only) for more details.

15 Semptember 2005

First "offical" meeting of The Board has taken place on #pl.wikimedia IRC channel. The preliminary cost calculation of establishing our Society has been disscused, and accepted. The cost calculation is to be presented Wikimedia Foundation.

05 September 2005

Informal discussion about the statute has taken place between Wikimedia Board and future Wikimedia Polska Board. It has taken place at 10 p.m.-11.30 p.m on IRC channel #pl.wikimedia. After several technical changes to the text of statute, Wikimedia Board has initially accepted our statute.

03 September 2005

We have just finished collecting signatures of our founding members. We have collected 26 signatures. The list of signatures is actually stored by Polimerek. Due to contesting several articles of our statute, the discussion about necessary changes is in progress. See discussion in Polish: Dyskusja:Statut and English: Dyskusja:Statut/en. As soon as agreement concerning the statue is achieved, all founding members will be asked for approval of the changes, by e-mail. In case of rejection of the new version of our statute, the discussion will be undertaken again.

15 August 2005

The Association is currently in the organisation and registration phase. We have collected over 25 signatures of founding members under [minutes] of Founding Meeting, during which our statute was approved and validated; Szumyk and Polimerek were elected as a Founding Committee and future authorities were preelected.

08 August 2005

We are considering whether to apply with other Wikimedia chapters to eContentplus grant.