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Hello! Welcome in our project :-) Best wishes, Patrol110 18:30, 24 mar 2011 (CET)Odpowiedz

Hello! I will consider your suggestion but I'm not sure whether it is necessary. Patrol110 16:52, 1 kwi 2011 (CEST)Odpowiedz

Re: new article

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Hi! I can not accept adding a new article due to the fact the UK version takes much space and it's a one of the biggest section in our book. Sorry. Patrol110 10:09, 9 kwi 2011 (CEST)Odpowiedz

It is OK! --Perohanych 20:20, 9 kwi 2011 (CEST)Odpowiedz
By the way, the fact the UK version takes so much space - is thanks to the Wikiksiążki Project!  :-)) --Perohanych 20:31, 9 kwi 2011 (CEST)Odpowiedz
I appreciate that fact :)) Patrol110 14:38, 10 kwi 2011 (CEST)Odpowiedz


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Could you tell me why you removed one editor from the list[1]? This editor was working under the project and I don't see any reason to remove him. Patrol110 22:22, 9 kwi 2011 (CEST)Odpowiedz

There were much more people, who worked improving the articles for the wikibook after the project was announced in the Ukrainian Wikipedia, namely users:
  1. Alex Blokha
  2. Olvin
  3. Дядько Ігор
  4. DixonD
  5. Володимир Ф
  6. Ilya
  7. Amakuha
  8. Perohanych
  9. Bastian
  10. Krystofer
  11. P.S.
  12. Григорій Ганзбург
  13. Rausch
  14. A1
  15. Friend
As far as I understand, all of them are editors of the articles. IMHO there is a difference between the editor of articles which are planned to be included to the printed version and the editor of the Ukrainian part of the wikibook. As far as I understand the functions and responsibilities of the editors in the list you mentioned (the editor of the Ukrainian part of the wikibook) should do all the job to organize the improvement of the articles for the wikibook, to make the final selection of the material for the book and to make the final proofreading. And that is the job that Andriy Makukha (Андрій Макуха) and me are doing. I think that this job should be concentrated in the hands and the head of one or maximum two people. What do you think? --Perohanych 00:00, 10 kwi 2011 (CEST)Odpowiedz
Yep, you are right. Right here we have a list of editors of the UK section whereas at the end of the final book we will have a list of all authors of the articles in uk.wiki. Patrol110 14:35, 10 kwi 2011 (CEST)Odpowiedz