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General Member Assembly 2006 I

Wikimedia Polska, polski partner Fundacji Wikimedia.
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We are saying "hello" for contributors of Czech's Wikipedia

First General Member Assembly 2006 took place on May 1, 2006 in Wrocław, at 12.00 (first term) and 12.45 a.m. (second term). There were 17 participants, members of The Wikimedia Polska with right to vote and several guests.

  1. The participants had choosen by acclamation:
    • Artur Jan Fijałkowski - chairman of the meeting
    • Michał Buczyński - vice-chairman
    • Bogumił Cieniek - secretary
  2. Łukasz Garczewski presented Realization of Board plans for 2006
  3. Jadwiga i Artur Jan Fiałkowski presented results of Wikikonkurs (Wikicontent) and plans for the future:
    • Journey of Lestat to Kraków to take pictures of several museums
    • Museum of the Sułkowscy's Castle in Bielsko - WarX and Lestat
    • Establishing contacts with Polish communes nad villages - Roo72
    • Museum of Narrow Gauge Railways in Sochaczewo - Meteor2017
  4. Tomasz Ganicz presented Interim Budget realisation - which was approved by the all 17 members of the Assembly in open voting
  5. Free disscussion:
    • Arnold Buzdygan – the comment about his biographic entry in Wikipedia and some legal sugestions
    • Łukasz Garczewski - about Wikimania 2007 and paid staff of Wikimedia Foundation
    • Artur Jan Fiałkowski - discussion about copyright law issues