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Polish Wikipedia on DVD

Wikimedia Polska, polski partner Fundacji Wikimedia.
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Wikimedia Polska in cooperation with Helion SA is going to publish Polish Wikipedia on DVD. The publication will strictly follow GNU FDL license and will be available in shops all over Poland for a price, which is not decided yet. DVD content is prepared by a group of 13 paid Wikipedia contributors which are supported by a growing number of volunteers. Their duty is to check and select all articles using separate wiki with Wikipedia dump from ‘’’4 June 2006’’’. The final product will contain all selected and checked articles with most important pictures embedded. The DVD content should be ready on autumn 2006.

The profit from DVD sale will be distributed between Wikimedia Polska, Wikimedia Foundation and Helion SA.

We believe that the resulting DVD will be a new, complementary but not competitive with mother Wikipedia, method of spreading of free knowledge. The side effect of our work it is going to be some improvement of quality of Wikipedia, as we are going to “give back” checked articles to the parent project, if only it is not breaking rules of Wikipedia.

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