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Translatable message strings for the Wikimedia Resource Center editor gadget and Lua module.

Please do not re-arrange these sections. Add new sections to the bottom only.

Also, please do not use tvar, as there are compatibility issues between tvar and the Wikimedia Resource Center Lua module.

Categories[edytuj kod]

  • Contact and Questions
  • Skills Development
  • Grants Support
  • Programs Support
  • Software Basics
  • Software Development
  • Technical Infrastructure
  • Global Reach Partnerships
  • Legal
  • Communications

Audiences[edytuj kod]

  • For program coordinators
  • For contributors
  • For developers
  • For affiliate organizers

Editor window[edytuj kod]

  • Add new resource
  • Edit entry
  • Save
  • Cancel
  • Remove entry
  • Are you sure you want to remove this entry? Doing so will remove it from the entire Wikimedia Resource Center.
  • Header
  • Treat this as a wiki link, e.g. Label
  • Description
  • Briefly describe the resource. You can use wiki markup.
  • Contact
  • You can link to people's user pages. Do not add people without their permission.
  • Related pages
  • You can add wiki links here, e.g. Label
  • Category
  • Audiences
  • This resource originates from the Wikimedia Foundation
  • Edit failed to save.
  • Fields marked with * are required

Content[edytuj kod]

Badge[edytuj kod]

New individual editor window[edytuj kod]

  • Add new individual
  • Your wiki username without "User:"
  • Write about yourself, markup supported
  • Picture of yourself without "File:"
  • Username
  • Brief description about yourself
  • Icon
  • Adding new individual
  • Failed adding new individual
  • Skills and experience I can share
  • Select the skills & experiences you can share (max of 2)
  • Program design skills
  • Program evaluation skills
  • Program planning skills
  • Program management skills
  • Storytelling skills
  • Press relations experience
  • Annual planning skills
  • Survey skills
  • Fundraising skills
  • Financial skills
  • Affiliate collaboration skills
  • Event organization and planning skills
  • Event program design skills
  • Facilitation skills
  • Online governance experience
  • New affiliate proposal experience
  • Added you to category:
  • Added you to categories:
  • User:
  • Failed adding new category to your userpage
  • Adding new individual:

New group editor window[edytuj kod]

  • Add new group
  • Group name
  • Your group name
  • Description of your group
  • Brief description of the group, markup supported
  • Group Icon
  • An icon that depicts or describes the group
  • Adding new group:
  • Failed adding new group to Connect
  • Facebook
  • Provide the link to the group's Facebook page (if any)
  • Twitter
  • The group's Twitter account link here (if any)
  • Youtube
  • Link to the groups YouTube channel (if any)