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Board plans for 2006

Wikimedia Polska, polski partner Fundacji Wikimedia.
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This is the general list of Wikimedia Polska Board plans for 2006, which was aproved by the General Member Assembly on December 10, 2005, in Chorzów

Activity towards the community:

  1. Organization of the Wikimedia Poland Meetup 2006 in Wroclaw during April/May
    • Use of our bank account for any fees
    • Eventually pay for the trip/accomodation of a few Wikipedians
    • Finding any sponsors and donors
  2. Organization of smaller, local meetups
  3. Discussions about the Wikimedia projects

Activity towards the projects:

  1. Support of new projects in local languages, ie. Silesian Wikipedia
  2. Activity towards the contribution of the science community in our projects
  3. Obtaining new photos and graphics under free licenses
  4. Support of individual ideas towards the Wikimedia projects
  5. Help directed towards Wikinews users by giving our press passes and accreditations if the Wikimedia Foundation will allow us to

Media activity and promotion

  1. Printing advertising leaflets for potential donors and reporters
  2. Printing mini-books with Wikipedia and Wikibooks content distributed by volunteers in cities
  3. Participating in conferences, seminaries, meetups, etc. with the theme of open software, free knowledge, etc.
  4. Promotion of Wikimedia banners on webpages
  5. Cooperation with other organizations whose purpose is to promote knowledge, organize science festivals. etc.

Obtaining money

  1. Release a DVD with Wikipedia
    • Find an interested publisher
    • Mobilize the Wikipedia community to help
    • Sign up a paper with the publisher to divide the income
    • Use the DVD as a PR material


  1. Ask organizations supporting knowledge and science for money to send a group of Polish Wikimedians to Wikimania
  2. Look into the possibility to obtain grants and donations in place for writing new articles

International affairs

  1. Taking care of Wikimania 2007 organization in Poland and proposing the idea to the Wikimedia Foundation
  2. Making good contact between the Wikimedia Foundation and the Polish wiki community