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General Member Assembly/16 Dec 2006

Wikimedia Polska, polski partner Fundacji Wikimedia.
Przejdź do nawigacji Przejdź do wyszukiwania

Second General Member Assembly of 2006 of Wikimedia Polska took place during Polish Wikimedia Meeting in Chorzów on 16 December 2006.

17 of 49 members of Wikimedia Polska took part in this assembly.

Besides submitting preliminary activities and financial reports for 2006 to the members, the Board also asked the General Member Assembly to expand the Board. The members present agreed and chose Sebastian Skolik i Artur Jan Fijałkowski to the board, thereby expanding it to 7 board members.

Another key point was a vote on whether the association is going to pursue official charity status in Poland (which, among other things, would enable tax-payers to donate 1% of their tax to our organization). The assembly agreed to task the Board with pursuing this goal in the coming year.