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Polish Wikimedia Meeting 2006 no. 2

Wikimedia Polska, polski partner Fundacji Wikimedia.
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group photo of participants

Polish Winter Wikimedia Meeting 2006 took place on December 16 in Chorzów.

There were 20 participants.

5 lectures were delivered:

  • What is a knowledge and how to apply to Wikipedia - Polimerek
  • Wikimedia Foundation for dummies - TOR
  • Problems with Wikimedia Commons - WarX
  • Some remarks about Wikikonkurs (Wikicontest) WarX
  • Stable version of Wikipedia Piom

Wikimedia Polska's 2nd General Member Assembly of 2006 also took place during the meetup. Two new members of the Board have been choosen.

There were also many informal talks and discussions and several informal workshops.

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