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Konferencja Wikimedia Polska 2010/en

Wikimedia Polska, polski partner Fundacji Wikimedia.
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Wikimedia Polska Conference 2010
March 27th-28th, 2010
Wikimedia Polska Conference 2010
March 27th-28th, 2010


Wikimedia Polska Conference 2010

Wikimedia Polska Conference 2010 is the fifth such an event organised by Wikimedia Polska Association, Wikimedia Foundation's local chapter in Poland. It aims to be a meeting and a forum of exchange of experience between users taking part in Wikimedia projects, as well as people working on the issues of free software, access to knowledge in the developing information-based society and creators of the free culture.

Venue and time

The Conference will take place on March 27th and 28th in Warsaw at Zachęta - the National Art Gallery. It will open at 10am on March 27th and will close around 3pm on March 28th.

Join us in development of the free culture!
Detailed information about the venue of the Conference and accomodation


  • development of platform of exchange of experience between participants in the Wikimedia projects
  • creation of platform of exchange of experience with other projects working within the free content movement (free culture), as well as projects dealing with access to educational resources and institutions dealing with knowledge-based economy
  • integration of members of the Wikimedia projects community and people working on free content and software projects


  • lecture session (two days)
  • Annual General Meeting of Wikimedia Polska Members
  • workshops, including those for people not familiar with Wikimedia projects
  • discussion panels
More information about the agenda



Wikimedia Polska Conference 2010 Organising Committee

phone: (+48) 22 219 56 94
fax: (+48) 42 637 47 87