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Polish Wikimedia Meeting 2006

Wikimedia Polska, polski partner Fundacji Wikimedia.
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Meeting on April 30

Polish Wikimedia Meeting 2006 took place on April 29 - May 1 in Wrocław.

There was 42 participants including 5 from abroad. 10 lectures were delivered:

Notafish speaking
  • NPOV, no original research and verifiability - 3 pillars of keeping Wikipedia's encyclopedic nature in practice Tomasz "Polimerek" Ganicz
  • Conditional templates from dummie's point of view - Bogumił "A_Bach" Cieniek
  • Application of MediaWiki for collecting student's notes - "Lorn"
  • Prospectives of "Wolne Podręczniki" (Free handbooks) project - Jarosław Lipszyc
  • First year of Wikimedia Polska Association - Łukasz "TOR" Garczewski
  • On the future of Wikimedia and its projects in Europe - Delphine "notafish" Ménard
  • AJAX - Internet ver. 2.0 and its importance - Zbigniew "Gandalf" Braniecki
  • About Creative Commons licences - Rafał Próchniak
  • What one can do for Wikipedia when walking in Katowice - a method for obtaining permission for taking pictures - Artur "WarX" Fijałkowski
  • WikiFaktoria and other projects which evolved in Wikipedia - Sebastian "Przykuta" Skolik
International informal talks

During the meeting there were many formal as well as informal discussions, cruise on Oder river and late evening meetings in "Maska" restaurant.

During the meeting General Member Assembly 2006 I was organized. 17 Association's members and several guests accepted Realization of Board plans for 2006 and Interim Budget. There was discussion about Wikicontest and several other issues.

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