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Grant for Wikiekspedycja Dolny Śląsk is a proposed grant request for the activity held on the beggining of July to photograph villages on the west of Lower Silesian Voievodship and upload these images to Wikipedia. The following line sumarizes the goal of the project, its budget, work already done and it introduce organiser and interested participants. Main project page in Polish could be find out here.

There are two goals. One primary and the other secondary. The primary one is to improve Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. The way is to take good photographs of the settlements in Poland, in this Wikiexpedition west part of Lower Silesia voievodship, and place them into Wikipedia articles and Wikidata items. We focus on settlements only (mostly villages (and towns)), because these are geographical points, which has the most articles on Wikipedia, information about them seems to be to most wanted, and we can process them in a reasonable time. Said by other words: ponds or train stations, does not have so many articles, information about them is not so much wanted and if we picture take completely everything well be halted and well never get to our goals. This does not want to say, we are not picture taking ponds, train stations or other POI. We do, but we will not stress their categorization and deployment. So the first goal could be summarized as follows:

  1. Number of settlements: 150+
  2. Number of photographs: 2800+
  3. Usage on Wikipedia: 20 %

Note: the above numbers are taken as an average counted from the results of Wikiekspedycja Opolska 2016. For Wikiexpedition Opole we had a fast team (4 days, shorter daylight), which could cover approximately 25 villages a day. For Lower Silesia we could have 3,5 days, longer daylight and one faster and one slower team. The slower team may also picture take other objects - i.e. for Wikidata. As for Opole we had one participant taking towns and railway infrastructure, also for Lower Silesia we may have participants to deeper the graphical coverage of towns in the region.

Secondary goal lies in the level of advocating Wikipedia and growth of the amount of contributors. This non-measurable goal may lie on the following hypotheses:

  • adding quality images to Wikipedia = more people rely on it as a quality source = more people contributes
  • our effort on village XY = locals have the need to pay back = locals improve the article about the village
  • some local shows the interest in what we are doing = we explain them Wikipedia (+leave them a reminder - see WG 2019-14) = they recommend Wikipedia to others or contribute themselves
  • by making stable and quality output from Wikiexpedition = we attract more wikiphotographers/photographers = more contributions and more contributors


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The budget is prepared with a knowledge of the previous activities organised. We have more detailed budget in Google Tabs. Well be sending those who would like to attend a registration questionnaire, to retrieve information about the detailed needs. It means we may determine, how many people have discounts for transportation, or if everybody requests full funding. We propose the effective end of the project by November 30th, 2019. By this day we will present a report and bills to Wikimedia Polska.

We would request for the funding in advance, that we can pay for accommodation, gas and we may reimburse participants for their bills for alimentation, etc. We would request to use unused money to come back and picture take the rest. This would be the possibility for wikiphotographers living in the vicinity (Wroclav, Krasná Lípa). This extra activity should not affect the project end date.

Area Price (PLN) Details
Transportation 2870 This covers the transportation to and from the focus area, the transportation to the sites. We count with 2 cars and reimbursements 0,75 PLN per 1 km. For participants travelling by public transports we cover their bills and we request they use cheap way of transport (e.g. students to use their student discounts). We also tent to take as much as participants by car. Both cars will be traveling from/to Prague.
Accommodation 1740 We expect 8 participants for 4 nights. We prefer participants arrive day before the event starts, that we can have hole day. We understand some participants will come later or stay shorter, thus spending will be lower. We will not travel to other sites and stay whole time in one spot. This will provide us with more daylight and organizational time to take more results. We seek for good accommodation, to provide our participants enough relax for cheaper price, so we count approx. 110 PLN/night.
Alimentation 840 We would request for breakfast and one hot meal a day for each participant.
Other 480 This cover travel insurance for non Polish participants, fire extinguisher (one we already have from Wikiexpedition Opole), maps, etc.
Total 5930
The region in which we can operate, shows points of villages which has to be photographed

Methods and allready done

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  • this Wikiexpedtion was already presented two times to Polish wikicomunity (Zlot Zimowy 2018, Zlot Zimowy 2019)
  • we are in close contact with interested participants and we left the announcement on pl.wp
  • we have a page on Wikimedia Polska wiki and we have translated reports from previous expeditions to Polish
  • as of this time, we have 2 cars and 3 drivers, 7 participants (6 Czech, 1 Polish)
  • we can have one more participant - we prefer Polish
  • we got a query with the help of Yarl and Wikidata community which help us with settlement choice and a control on the end of the expedition
  • we have set the region = west of Lower Silesia on the German/Czech borderline
  • we have filtered out villages which doesn't need to be picture taken
    • so we are taking pictures in the villages, which has 0 images
    • we are also taking pictures in villages which are poorly photographed (eg very bad images exists, or there is one image of a cross and the other of a tree)
  • we have some villages to be photographed also in the Czech republic as cross Czech republic during the transportation will lower our costs
  • we proposed a design of remainder leaflet and requested for funding

Organiser and the team

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Organiser is Jan Lochman, user Juandev from Prague, Czech Republic. Juandev is experienced contributor and recently focusing on community projects bringing content to the Wikimedia projects. This is the list of some of the recent activities he have contributed to:

  • Wikiekspedycja Opolska 2016 (Poland, 2016) - driver, photographer, usage riser, report, advertising within wikimedia
    • Funded by Wikimedia Polska, 3 participants, 1 team, 4 days, 100 objects (villages+), 1800 files, 28 % usage
  • Wikiexpedition West (Czech Republic, 2017) - organiser, photographer, driver, funding, reports, usage riser, wiki advertiser, HR
    • Funded by Wikimedia Czech Republic, 10 participants, 4 teams, 3,5 days, 250+ objects (villages, protected areas, other), 9100 images, 31 % usage
  • Edt-a-thon (Wikitown) Prachatice (CR, 2019) - organiser, editor, driver, funding, reports, HR, print releases, wiki advertising
    • Funded by Wikimedia Foundation, 10+4 participants (12 editors, 2 photographers), 2 days, 135 articles, 1900 photographs, 74 Wikidata item

All interested participants are skilled in picture taking of the countryside and processing these images to Wikipedia in large amounts.


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Item Details Amount PLN Invoice delivered y/n Paid
Accomodation Double rooms. 2 rooms for 4 nights, one room for 3 nights, one room for 2 nights 1960 PLN yes, via email yes
Breakfast In the hotel, 26 breafasts x 25 PLN 650 PLN yes, via email yes