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Wikiekspedycja 2010/en

Wikimedia Polska, polski partner Fundacji Wikimedia.
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This is the second time when Wikimedia Poland Association is organizing Wikiexpedition – an expedition around one of the regions of Poland which will be focused on gathering documentation concerning that region (especially photographic). Last year group of a dozen or so wikimedians took few thousands photos around Podlasie – 2500 of them have been already placed in Wikimedia Commons. In this year, because of Wikimania in Gdańsk, we would like to organize such expedition around pomeranian voivodeship and invite wikimedians from foreign countries.

WikiExpedition 2009

Aims of Wikiexpedition 2010

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  • photographic and factografic documentation concerning territory of voivodeship pomorskie (and neighbouring)
  • establishing relations with local institutions and organizations to promote Wikimedia's projects
  • establishing cooperation with foreign wikimedians to present them such types of gathering materials for Wikimedia’s projects

Time and place

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  • 1st - 7th July (just before Wikimania 2010 conference) or 12-22 July (just after Wikimania)
  • it would be possible to start expedition in one of 3 places and head towards Gdańsk; we would propose to start in:

Please refer to makeshift map:

What help do we need

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  • because we focus especially on photographical documentation we would like to have in our teams people who are in possession of quite good cameras
  • area is quite vast so even if we split on smaller teams it would be nice to have more drivers in teams. We would try to have at least one vehicle with off-road capabilities in every team
  • because of world's wikimedians meeting we would like to translate articles concerning that region on foreign languages (depending on access to an internet)

What kind of support grants Wikimedia Poland Association

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  • we assume, that like last year, we could use cheaper hotels in places we are going to visit – accommodation expenditures covers Wikimedia Poland Association
  • we will also cover transport expenses during expedition itself
  • last year we cover insurance expenses – in this year we assume similar idea
  • we also assume per diem allowances and/or participation in costs of meals bought during expedition (dinners in restaurants)


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  • precise routes are in the preparations. Of course, according to weather and other factors, routes could be modified. Last year we assumed quite stiff plan but because of lack of cars and people it have to be modified. This year we would like to split on smaller teams, which would be easier to organize
  • we assume that in every team will be at least one person fluent in Polish and English
  • prepared pages with routes:

(we would translate them, within our capacities, into English.)

What is interesting in that region

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  • historical and ethnographical part – castles of the Teutonic Order, historical monuments, architecture, old manorial buldings connected with Polish and German history. There is many of them in the east side of voivodeship although in the western part are remains of Otto's von Bismark estate. Additionally, there is a lot of open-air museums worth seeing and material evidences of Goth's culture
  • natural part – this is area of landscape parks and nature reserves – mainly in the south and center of voivodeship, there is also forest complex - Bory Tucholskie
  • coast – not only beaches;) but also national park, landscape park, well exposed evidences of connection between people and see

We would like to invite everyone who is willing to join.

Contact with organizers

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People eager to participate are requested to subscribe in Participants section (with contact data to themselves), offered help (second column) and preferences – what would you like to do during expedition (third column).

  • project coordinator - Sebastian "Przykuta" Skolik: przykuta (at)
  • contact with non-polish-language users: Daniel "kocio" Koć: kocio (at)