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Wikimania 2017 scholarship programme ruleset
as accepted by the Board of Wikimedia Polska Association, as an annex to the Bylaw UZ 2017-15 of March 14, 2017. This translation is non-normative and any discrepancies between this document and the original in Polish will be ruled in favour of the original, Polish, version.

1. General

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§ 1.
  1. The ruleset defines the following:
    1.1. who may submit for a scholarship;
    1.2. scope of the scholarship and rules for refunds;
    1.3. rules and methods of making the submissions;
    1.4. duties and working principles of the Committee;
    1.5. rules and course of the decision-making within the Committee;
    1.6. rules and course of making appeals to the decisions of the Committee.
  2. The ruleset does not stand contrary to the rules on making refunds passed in other bylaws.
  3. The terms in this ruleset are defined as follows:
    3.1. Scholarship – a reimbursement of costs taken by the applicant or direct financing by the Wikimedia Polska Association of a defined scope.
    3.2. Statute – Statute of the Wikimedia Polska Association;
    3.3. Association – Stowarzyszenie Wikimedia Polska (Wikimedia Polska Association) as registered in the Polish Court Registry under the ID 0000244732;
    3.4. Board – the Board of Wikimedia Polska Association, acting on the basis of the Statute;
    3.5. Conference – "Wikimania 2017" International Conference.

2. Scholarship programme

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§ 2.
Scope of the scholarship
  1. The scholarship may only cover the following expenses: travel costs, accommodation, conference fee, insurance. The Wikimedia Polska Association will not finance any other expenses of scholarship holders, including alimentation or medical expenses.
  2. In case of random incidents that make it impossible for a scholar to attend the conference, cancellation of the conference, changes to the programme, or timeline changes, the scholarship may not be exchanged for any other benefit.
  3. In case of events that make it impossible for the scholar to attend the conference, the scholar is required to notify the Board of the Association immediately. The Board may, for organisational reasons, decide to cancel the scholarship of a person with whom contact regarding their attendance is not possible for prolonged periods of time. In both cases, the Board will grant the scholarship to the first (or next) person on the waiting list, and in case the waiting list is exhausted, the Board may select their scholar or cancel the scholarship slot entirely.
  4. The Association will not provide any other financial support for Conference-related matters. In particular, the Association will not grant partial scholarships, as added assistance to scholarships obtained elsewhere. The Association also reserves the right to strike out a scholar whose application for a scholarship elsewhere was accepted.
  5. The limit of scholarships for Polish and international attendees was defined by the Board upon launching of the scholarship programme, except as stated in § 4 Item 1.2.).

§ 3.
Rules for reimbursement
  1. Wikimedia Polska Association reserves the right to jointly purchase the services related to the scholarships, for all scholars. In such an event, the scholar is expected to appear in a defined place in Poland, at a defined time, for a joint travel, and follow the instructions of the group leader, who will be nominated by the Board.
  2. If the Association does not purchase joint travel options, the scholar is expected to cover the above costs, and present the documentation tot he Treasurer of Wikimedia Polska Association, to be refunded. The Board may decide on a final date for the applicants to purchase their air tickets.

3. Submission rules and course

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§ 4.
  1. The applicant must meet all three following criteria:
    1.1. active participation in at least one Wikimedia project;
    1.2. residence in Poland, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Estonia, Kosovo, Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldavia, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, or Hungary
    1.3. is at least 18 years old, or 16 years old and obtained a written permit from their parents or legal guardians to participate in the Conference.

§ 5.
  1. The application must be made via e-mail (attachments are allowed) to by the time defined by the Board upon launching the scholarship programme. The applications need to be submitted in English.
  2. The application must contain the following:
    2.1. brief summary of the user's Wikimedia activity: name of the global account or local accounts in individual projects; Wikimedia movement-oriented activity outside project edits (real-life initiatives, Wikimedia chapter activity, etc.), prior participation in Wikimedia conferences, especially international ones;
    2.2. information of the Conference activity: planned talk submission or another activity agreed upon with the organizers of the Conference or its accompanying events;
    2.3. information on the intention to participate in the accompanying activities before and after the conference, as well as substantial justification of such participation;;
    2.4. declaration of command of English at a level sufficient to actively participate in the Conference;
    2.5. information of the applicant's nearest airport serving international destinations;
    2.6. declaration of being of legal age, and in case of people under 18 - a scanned written permission from the parent or legal guardian to participate in the Conference (with the lower age limit for the applicant being 16 years);
    2.7. information of citizenship(s) held;
    2.8. agreement to provide and process the personal data (given name, family name, address, bank account number, passport number) in case the scholarship is granted. We require that this data is not submitted in the application itself, except given name and family name which are required.
  3. The Secretary of the Committee will confirm the delivery of the application to each applicant with a return email, sent within 48 hours from the submission of the application. The sender's e-mail address will be considered the contact e-mail for the applicant.
  4. All personal information in the applications is treated as confidential and will be stored in such a way as to be inaccessible for outside users (i.e. other than the members of the Committee). In case a scholarship is granted, the given name and the family name of the scholar, together with the amount of the scholarship, may be announced publicly.
  5. If in doubt as to the genuineness of the personal information contained in the application, the Committee may request that the applicant provides documents confirming the said details, in particulate a scan of the applicant's passport, personal ID or another identification document

4. Scholarship Committee

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§ 6.
Idea of the Committee and its composition
  1. The Scholarship Committee, also referred to as the Committee, is a joint group, nominated to supervise the process of submitting applications and providing the scholarships.
  2. The selection of the winning Conference applications is the sole responsibility of the Committee and only of the Committee. The decision of the Committee is announced to the Board.
  3. The Committee is composed of five members, at least three of which are nominated from among the Association's regular members.
  4. A member of the Review Committee of the Wikimedia Polska Association may not be a member of the Committee.

§ 7.
Committee's nomination and recall
  1. The Scholarship Committee is nominated through a bylaw of the Board upon the launching of the scholarship programme.
  2. The Board nominates the members of the Committee with a regular majority of the votes, with at least half of the Board members present.
  3. The Board recalls the Committee or its individual members with a regular majority of the votes, with at least half of the Board members present, at the same time nominating replacement Committee or replacement members thereof.
  4. § 4. Item 3 is also applied if a member sf the Committee resigns their post.

§ 8.
Committee's internal structure
  1. During its first session, the Committee selects their Chairperson.
  2. The Chairperson is nominated and recalled by the members of the Committee with a regular majority of the votes, with at least half of the Committee members present, in an open vote.
  3. The Chairperson of the Committee coordinates the work of the Committee, chairs the open sessions, represents the Committee outside, and performs other activities contained in this ruleset.
  4. The activities of acknowledging the submission of an application and announcing the decision of the Committee, normally reserved for the Chairperson, may also be performed by any other Committee member.
  5. The Chairperson may temporarily delegate their defined responsibilities to any other member of the Committee, upon receiving the consent of the delegated member.

§ 9.
Committee's mode of operation
  1. The Committee deliberates in closed sessions on a private IRC channel in the Freenode network or via any other selected form of electronic communication.
  2. In making the decisions, the Committee may also use e-mail to make secret decisions.

§ 10.
Duties of the Committee
  1. The duty of the Committee towards the Board is to prepare a written report by the time defined by the Board and to submit the said report to the Board.

5. Rules and method of application processing

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§ 11.
Scholarship application processing
  1. The Committee will undertake the processing of the submitted applications immediately upon the expiration of the deadline for application submission. The meetings of the Committee will be secret and held via the communication channels agreed upon among the members of the Committee.
  2. The Committee will conclude their work by preparing a report for the Board, which will contain the recommended Polish and international scholars with optional waiting lists. The Board will act on the report in the nearest session after the receipt thereof.
  3. Within 24 hours of the decision of the Board, deciding on the final list of scholarships, the Secretary of the Committee will communicate the decision of the Board to all applicants. Additionally, the list of scholars (containing only the nicknames, without given names and family names) will be posted on the wiki pages of the Wikimedia Polska Association.

6. Rules and method of appealing against the decision of the Committee

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§ 12.
  1. An applicant may appeal against the decision of the Committee to the Board of Wikimedia Polska Association within 7 days of the delivery thereof.
  2. An appeal may be made electronically, with an email sent to

§ 13.
Appeal procedure
  1. The Board will examine the appeal during the nearest session after the delivery of the appeal.
  2. The resolution as to whether the decision of the Committee will be sustained or rejected will be made by the Board with a regular majority of the votes, with at least half of the Board members present.
  3. The resolution of the Board in reference to the appeal is final.

7. Other

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§ 14
  1. Issues not covered by this ruleset will be decided upon based on the Statute of the Wikimedia Polska Association.